What Do We Do?

Our main focus is to produce Rope with various types, materials, and sizes.

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Excellent service

The Best Product Quality in Its Class

Experienced, with a long history

Competitive Prices

Color Catalog

We provide the best rope product with 46 types of colors that have been proven to be selling well in the market, for more color details you can see them via the button below or you can also contact our Customer Success via Whatsapp.

The Best Choice To Meet All Your Rope Needs

Tell us what rope product that you need, starting from the type, material, size, and color, we are ready to help fulfill it continuously.

Further Information

Call the number above to talk directly to Mukti Djaya Talikur Customer Service.


Jl. Sunan Giri Raya, Tangerang 15158 – Banten, Indonesia.

Phone Number

Phone : +66 21 734 500 29. Whatsapp : +62 812 686 1997, +62 8777 5 141516.

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If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Please call the Mukti Djaya Talikur service number or write your questions in the blank column that we have provided.

We will respond within 1×24 Hours.